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Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com
Wed May 6 05:55:26 PDT 2009

Well, in our initial implementation we'll just use a regular mesh, but 
in the future we need to use a more special rendering type, since ocean 
render presents some extra issues. Any such implementation would need to 
read the top of the ocean to decide where to place the sea level.
(We currently have support in Ember for Hydrax water 
(http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Hydrax) but it's currently 
disabled since it's too resource hungry.)

So, no, it wouldn't present any issue either for our initial 
render-using-mesh hack and future 
render-using-specialized-render-object. It would be pretty cool.

The ocean entity could also contain some information about the current 
wave height etc., so it would be possible to simulate different kind of 
weather. This should be some kind of value general enough that the 
client would then be able to use that in conjunture with the different 
depths of the waters to present different sized waves depending on the 
depth. We could also add information of the waters colour etc. These are 
all thoughts for the future however and not something we want to 
implement right away.


Alistair Riddoch skrev:
> It would also be kinda exciting to be able to experiment with moving
> this entity up and down to change the sea level in real time. Does
> this create any client issues?
> Al
> 2009/5/6 Alistair Riddoch <alriddoch at googlemail.com>:
>> 2009/5/6 Amey Parulekar <amey.par at gmail.com>:
>>> Alistair: Yeah, of course. The entity's parent should be "Thing", right?
>> Yeah, that'll do, though remember that type names are all lower case.
>>> Erik: I'll name it "ocean".
>> The bounding box for this entity is essential for visibility. It needs
>> to basically be the full size of the world with the top of the box at
>> sea level. It also needs to be non-solid so the collision system knows
>> to ignore it. See the "area" class in basic.xml which has a default
>> "solid" property set to zero.
>> Al
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>> Alistair Riddoch
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