[WF-General] Hi folks

Ian Metcalfe x at psynchro.org
Thu May 7 04:33:15 PDT 2009

Cool, I'll get the request to Kai a bit later.
I'm using 'bunz' on Launchpad, and I'd like to start with 'ember-sound-ogg-

I use bunz or bunzintor on IRC too.

On Thu, 7 May 2009 20:40:24 Erik Hjortsberg wrote:
> Hi, this sounds excellent!
> The first thing to do is to get Kai to set up a public git repo for you
> on git.worldforge.org. While you can do your work on a local branch of
> the main Ember code, and then push the changes to me, I would rather see
> a public repo to where you push code as you go along. It's easier for us
> to then provide you with feedback and help.
> This wiki page contains info on what you need to send to Kai:
> http://wiki.worldforge.org/wiki/Using_Git
> What's your user name on Launchpad? I'll assign you to the blueprint
> (which did you want to start working on?).
> /Erik

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