[WF-General] ocean entity prototype

Amey Parulekar amey.par at gmail.com
Sat May 9 15:26:16 PDT 2009

I've created a prototype for the ocean

Prototype Ocean:

    <map name="attributes">
      <map name="solid">
        <int name="default">0</int>
        <string name="visibility">public</string>
      <map name="bbox">
        <list name="default">
    <string name="id">ocean</string>
    <string name="objtype">class</string>
    <list name="parents">

I wasn't sure about the maximum size of the world, so I looked in
define_world.py, found a call to _setup_landscape, and found the
following lines there:

    if m.look_for(type='boundary') is None:
        m.make('boundary',pos=(-500, 320,-20),bbox=[821,2,300])
        m.make('boundary',pos=( 320,-321,-20),bbox=[2,642,300])

So I assumed this to be the boundary for the world, and set the bbox
I've set the solid attribute to 0 as you asked, and set the parent to thing.

I would like to know how much on-track I am so far, and how do I go
about filling this entity with water?


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