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Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com
Mon May 11 06:00:22 PDT 2009

Hi, I've now assigned you to the blueprint.
I saw that you've gotten a git repo and have created a audio branch on 
it. That's excellent. Don't forget to do "git push" regularly so that we 
can follow your progress.

I'm thinking that initially we should set a limit for the size of an 
individual sound, when to load it all into memory and when to stream it. 
Conceptually the only difference between a streamed and an in-memory 
sound is that the second one only has one "chunk" while the former have 
multiple. Implementation wise there are some more things to consider, 
but that's basically the difference.

The Ogre resource framework have some features for setting memory quotas 
for difference resource managers, and the telling the system to unload 
those resources that aren't needed if the allocated memory exceeds the 
However, the sound service in Ember is disconnected from Ogre and 
shouldn't have any dependencies on it, so if we would try to utilize 
this it would be through the IResourceWrapper interface (and the 
OgreResourceWrapper which actually hooks into the Ogre resource system).
As you might have seen already in Ember the sound classes are separated 
into those in src/services/sound which are more general and don't have 
any hooks to Ogre or the EmberOgre namespace, and the ones in 
src/components/ogre/sound which build on the former ones and do have 
hooks into both Ogre and the EmberOgre namespace.


Ian Metcalfe wrote:
> OK... Launchpad fixed. Silly me. :) https://launchpad.net/~bunz now exists.
> Thanks for the overview. I'll get into it this weekend. 
> Are you suggesting that we load sounds into memory any time the memory *can* 
> be allocated regardless of its size, or streaming if the sound file is greater 
> than a certain arbitrary size? ie. What's your feeling of the parameters for 
> making the decision between loading in one chunk and streaming? 
> Ian
> On Thu, 7 May 2009 21:58:25 Erik Hjortsberg wrote:
>> Are you sure you've registered on Launchpad? There's no "bunz" user:
>> https://launchpad.net/~bunz
>> Note that regarding the ogg support, most of the needed functionality is
>> in place (since last years SoC), but it needs to be fixed to better
>> behave with the concepts of "streamed" and "in memory" sounds.
>> I.e. Romulo assumed that all ogg sounds were streamed, and all wav
>> sounds were in memory, in which he unfortunately was mixing two
>> different concepts up. A streamed sound is any sound that is too large
>> to be put in memory all at once, and thus needs to be streamed from
>> disk. So a large wav file would need to be streamed, while a small ogg
>> file could be put in memory at once after it had been decoded.
>> So this is basically the functionality which needs to be added in order
>> for the ogg sounds to work: make sure that the loading of ogg sounds
>> works within the changes to the sound framework which I did and which
>> treats streamability as something different from the format of the sound.
>> Of course, a sound file which is small enough to be loaded into memory
>> directly is much more easier to implement than the cases where we want
>> to stream the sounds, whether they are wav or ogg (or flac or any codec
>> we want to support).
>> /Erik
>> Ian Metcalfe skrev:
>>> Cool, I'll get the request to Kai a bit later.
>>> I'm using 'bunz' on Launchpad, and I'd like to start with
>>> 'ember-sound-ogg- support'.
>>> I use bunz or bunzintor on IRC too.
>>> Thanks
>>> On Thu, 7 May 2009 20:40:24 Erik Hjortsberg wrote:
>>>> Hi, this sounds excellent!
>>>> The first thing to do is to get Kai to set up a public git repo for you
>>>> on git.worldforge.org. While you can do your work on a local branch of
>>>> the main Ember code, and then push the changes to me, I would rather see
>>>> a public repo to where you push code as you go along. It's easier for us
>>>> to then provide you with feedback and help.
>>>> This wiki page contains info on what you need to send to Kai:
>>>> http://wiki.worldforge.org/wiki/Using_Git
>>>> What's your user name on Launchpad? I'll assign you to the blueprint
>>>> (which did you want to start working on?).
>>>> /Erik
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