[WF-General] Mason game systems GSoC report: Playing with fire and rope making

Alexey Torkhov atorkhov at gmail.com
Mon May 25 06:47:59 PDT 2009

Hi all.

So, GSoC officially started, and here is my first report this summer :)
This reports with rare screenshots will also be published on my blog at

All development for this project is happens on ‘mason_game’ branches in
mine gsoc2009/alex-cyphesis.git and main ember.git repos at

I started to work some weeks ago and did a few things. To learn about
representations of types, entities and scripts inside Cyphesis server, I
decided to change starting place in the world.

One thing for improve was the behaviour of campfires. With addition of
proper dynamic lighting and shadows support in Ember we got nights to be
dark. And having light source become essential to move without striking
against the trees or being trapped by goblins.

In default world, campfire starts with fire but it soon goes out without
fuel. On the contrary, if some fuel added to it, then it lasts forever
because there is no feature to remove objects when they are fully
burned. So, adding some fuel from the start does the trick and sheds the
light on starting point place.

To let players have their own light source, I put two torches that
players are free to take. Currently, Ember deserve some fixes to
properly show the torch when hold by character.

Also, in between, some fixes were made in Ember to finally finish the
shadow shader. But this really is not part of GSoC.

Next thing I made is rough implementation for rope making. I read a
bunch of articles on rope making and history of agriculture to get some
understanding of how they were making ropes in middle ages. Basing on
this, I created a wiki page to collect info about farming in Mason:
http://wiki.worldforge.org/wiki/Mason_Farming_Game After that, added
type definitions for correspondent tools and implemented simple task for
making grass rope. It could be refined if that’ll be necessary.

On the ongoing week, I’m not planning to code anything as I’ll have exam
at the beginning on June, granting that I did some work earlier.
Nevertheless, we will discuss next steps about next sawing task.


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