[WF-General] Expressing interface for tasks

Alexey Torkhov atorkhov at gmail.com
Mon May 25 08:22:14 PDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 19:22 +0100, Alistair Riddoch wrote: 
> 2009/5/22 Alexey Torkhov <atorkhov at gmail.com>:
> > What do you think should be made for logging/sawing part?
> > [By the way, I’m not assigned to logging, sawing and palisade
> > blueprints.]
> I think the next step is probably working out how to saw timber into
> parts of chosen sizes. It's going to be quite complex as it requires
> adding a way for tasks to express interfaces, allowing the interface
> to be manipulated by the client and giving the player control over the
> task. This should probably include allowing the player to pause and
> restart the task, and specify parameters and ranges for it.
> This may well require some changes to the core code. Take a look over
> the weekend, see how well you understand it. I'll do the same, and we
> can talk about a design for that next week.

So, the task should some interface to the client. I’m envisioning this
as a second incarnation of entity creator :)
That is a set of predefined adapters for which user can set some value.
For sawing task this could be size (width/height/length) of blocks which
should be produced.

The easiest would be, perhaps, if parameters are set only at start.
Then, information about interface adapters should be added to task type
definition. And at the task start, client send addition parameter along
with task message which contains the values that user selects.

But if we need to control the task in realtime... Something else is
needed. I don’t know where and how this should be handled in Cyphesis
and Ember.


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