[WF-General] GSoC 2009 report

Amey Parulekar amey.par at gmail.com
Mon May 25 08:30:17 PDT 2009

I'm Amey, and the repository I am working on is
gsoc2009/ameyp-cyphesis.git. I will be tracking my progress at
http://sites.google.com/site/ameypar/worldforge/fishing-updates. I
have set up an Atom feed for the same for easy access to those using
feed readers, the feed url is

So far, I have implemented the ocean as an entity instead of a flat
plane at zpos=0. It covers the entire world, and appears whenever the
ground goes below z=0. Erik has modified ember to accommodate this,
and currently the ocean entity has a single water texture stretched
over it's entire bbox. I have also set the solid attribute to 0 in
order to prevent collisions between the player and the ocean.

Fish previously had "Character" as parents. Changed that to "mobile",
and added "peck" as one of the fish goals to confirm that the fish

I am currently working on a "school()" goal for fish, in which fish of
the same species would mirror the movements of other fish close to
them, with one fish leading the school. In the coming week, I plan to
finish the school goal, add an avoid goal to make fish avoid the
player, implement an earthworm entity, and get started on a goal that
would involve the fish moving towards earthworms within a certain

Any suggestions for the earthworm part are highly welcome :)


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