[WF-General] Earthworms as bait for fishing

Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com
Sun May 31 07:17:43 PDT 2009

I was thinking that the worms instead should be created when the mound 
is dug. The AI for the worms should be extremely simple: they should 
always try to escape to the "ground", at which point they would be 
deleted from the world. An implementation would be that for each AI tick 
it would just roll a dice to see if the worm succeeded in escaping the 
container, and if the parent container is the moraf world it would 
remove the worm.
In addition, each tick it should also check the type of container it is 
in, and if it's not something which is dirt it will decrease a little 
from the worms status (since worms tend to die if left out of the dirt).

What do you think about that? Would that put too much stress on the AI?


Alistair Riddoch wrote:
> 2009/5/30 Amey Parulekar <amey.par at gmail.com>:
>> Sure, I'll edit the wiki page as I go along. The wiki page says that
>> the process of inspecting the dirt mound for earthworms can be
>> implemented in two ways: either as a specific activity associated with
>> the dirt mound, or as a generic activity for inspecting containers.
>> I'll do it the second way, so that the same functionality can be
>> replicated elsewhere in the future
> It's cool to see this thought through in a simulationist way, great. I
> think in this case it is best to go for a slightly less simulationist
> view, as the shear number of worms that should be in a virtual world
> would overwhelm the simulation engine. Also consider that almost all
> tasks for gathering and processing resources and encapsulated in tools
> in the game world, as a mechanism for the player to select which
> activity they want to perform, and as a way to keep things simple and
> manageable.
> Using a shovel on the ground already creates piles of earth. I would
> suggest adding a small tool which can then be used on piles of
> recently dug earth. This tool would activate a task, and the task is
> responsible for creating the worm objects, and puts them directly into
> the characters inventory.
> Sound good?
> Al
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