[WF-General] Earthworms as bait for fishing

Alexey Torkhov atorkhov at gmail.com
Sun May 31 08:36:05 PDT 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-31 at 16:39 +0200, Erik Hjortsberg wrote:
> Yes, that's another option. But the thing I like about having the
> earthworms simulated independently is that it's both fits better with
> the reality, and that we then also can reuse the simulation for when
> the worms are placed in other containers. So for example if we provide
> a jar, and then  put a piece of dirt into the jar, and then the worms
> into the dirt. The dirt will make the worms survive, and then the
> logic for the worms would make them recognize if the jar has a lid or
> not, and if the former prevent them from escaping (and in the latter
> case allow them to randomly escape, to the parent entity of the jar).

But if there will be anyway piece of dirt in the jar why not simulate
that piece of dirt and not each individual worm?

I think, it is better to group such piles of entities and simulate
parent object instead. Like, we are not simulating each individual acorn
on oak and even don’t have individual acorn entities for those that are
still growing on the tree.


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