[WF-General] Ember crashing on startup

Sean Ryan sryan at evercrack.com
Sun Feb 14 11:28:57 PST 2010

Hi Manohar,

I started out with Debian, so I know that there are many potential issues
from "the debian way".

One thing I would check is your libGL install.  If you have
installed/updated the libmesa in any way, this will clobber a hardware
specific driver opengl installs ( especially nvidia driver installs which
are outside the package management ).  I have had odd results from
situations similar to this where I perform an "apt-get update", didn't
think anything of it, and then problems started.  These are often
particularly distressing when you update them while running X.  Make sure
you restart X, just as a precaution.

You might also want to paste the glxinfo command output to make sure that
your 3d hardware is setup properly ( ie you want to see your video
hardware, not the mesa emulation for most items ... the specific ones
escape me ).  To that end also try running glxgears to test things out.

You should also run the ogre demos to make sure that they function.  Doing
this will suss out any issues with your ogre/system without the
complication of ember.

I have noticed on occasion sometimes where ember will not check the
context ( relying on an exception instead ), and having a bad 3d context
will cause a crash.

Just a few ideas to start with.


On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 21:24:18 +0100, Manohar Vanga
<manohar.vanga at gmail.com>
> Hello all,
> I have been trying to run Ember on my Debian box but I am experiencing a
> consistent crash during startup. The installation is a standard one,
> using the Hammer script. A preliminary discussion of the issue has
> been done on the wiki on this
> page<http://wiki.worldforge.org/wiki/User_talk:Mvanga>
> .
> Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
> Regards
> Manohar Vanga
> P.S. Sorry for the delay, I sent it to the wrong email by mistake.

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