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Alistair Riddoch alriddoch at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 2 16:53:48 PST 2010

2010/1/3 Erik Hjortsberg <erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com>:
> How to proceed though? I really like they way the terrain mod shape code
> works. It's a little bit of more code, as it deals with templates, but it's
> very efficient in what it does, and it allows for a wide range of different
> shapes to be defined. I can always code up a suggestion in a topic branch.

I find the templates a bit unreasonable, but I can see the strength in
the model. My personal tendency is to push a little harder for
simplicity, but I don't think there is anything major in it.

Settle on what you are happy with, and you'll have to deal with modify
Ember and other code to cope with the changes. Perhaps Eris too?
Update the code in rulesets/mason/define_world.py to create paths,
terrain mods and spawns with data in the same format. Sounds like you
are tending towards the format currently used for terrain mods, so go
for that.

The current terrain mod code has the limitation that it does not work
for class properties, which messes up the cleanness of the code, but
this does not actually break anything, so don't worry about it. Area
properties that currently exist on classes such as "sty" don't really
need any server side support yet.

Alistair Riddoch
alriddoch at googlemail.com

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