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Manohar Vanga manohar.vanga at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 12:36:39 PST 2010

Hi Al,

> Excellent, cyphesis can certainly use the work. I am currently having
> to take a break from development, and Erik is caretaking cyphesis for
> a relatively short while. In the meantime I will do my best to answer
> the strategic questions, and Erik will most likely help you out with
> details.

I understand. I'll direct any queries to Erik either on the mailing list of
via IRC. What time zones are the major developers in and what time are they
generally free (if at all) to talk on IRC?

I think the blueprint is a good place to start, as the feature is
> fairly isolated and will be a relatively simple useful thing to work
> on.

I have gone through the blueprint and will start exploring sometime this
week. Any pointers on which source files to peek into to begin my journey?

> The cyphesis codebase has not typically been open to direct commits
> from the community at large, and now that we have git it should be
> relatively easy to share code and changes without most developers
> pushing to the central repository. If you want to be able to push
> changes for review to the WorldForge git server, Kai should be able to
> sort you out with your own cyphesis repository. Alternatively you
> could just create your own clone on github.com.

I have some issues with github as I am behind a firewall and I have had
unsuccessful attempts in the past in trying to get it to work with SSH
tunnels (if someone happens to know any resources specific to github, I
would be extremely grateful). I'll discuss with Kai about setting up a
repository on the WF git server. If there are any issues, I can always
communicate via patches on the list (unless there are objections of course).

> Because of my current break there may be a delay in merging changes
> into the core codebase. Don't be disheartened, and good look working
> on the code.

No problems there. Thanks for all your help!
Excited to be aboard! :D

Manohar Vanga
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