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Erik Hjortsberg erik.hjortsberg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 14:33:13 PDT 2010

Hi, you didn't address whether this would need deferred lightning.

One important question is whether such a system as you propose would 
require textures to be prepared in advance, or if it can be applied to 
any of the existing textures and Ogre materials?


2010-03-25 22:15, Zdravko Velinov skrev:
> Well, I have looked more closely into the matter. So it turns out that
> some precomputed lightmaps have been used for some parts of the lighting
> system(Maya 6.0 Mental Ray is mentioned in some other paper) but I don't
> think that this is an option for this project.
> Some of the effects are not that hard to achieve. For example
> post-processing blur is used to simulate the glow around the street
> lights.
> Actually, there are at least two approaches to implement a rain
> rendering algorithm. By using a particle system which could be easier to
> implement but not so efficient and there is of course some texture based
> algorithms such as the one used in the Toyshop demo. Well, actually we
> can use even simpler solution for the low-end graphics cards, for
> example a simple scrollable texture. Well, I prefer the particle system
> because I'm going to implement a snow rendering algorithm which is more
> suitable for a particle system and a single approach will be easier to
> implement than a different algorithm for each weather condition and the
> transition between rain and snow will be smoother.
> Hmmmm, I have to check this so called "weather entity". Actually, I was
> planning to implement just the client side.
> As for Caelum, the algorithm will directly interact with it, so some
> modifications will be necessary, but I don't plan to improve it's sky
> rendering algorithm. Actually, there are some other projects in the OGRE
> community such as SkyX but I'm not sure how stable is this project.
> On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 22:39 +0100, Erik Hjortsberg wrote:
>> Hi, that's quite an interesting and advanced idea.
>> As I mentioned over irc we use Ogre's material and scheme system to
>> allow for multiple detail levels, for different hardware. There are
>> basically three: low (fixed function), medium (shader, normal mapping
>> etc., but no shadows) and high (shader, normal mapping etc., pssm shadows).
>> Your proposal if I understand it deals with altering the shaders mainly,
>> so that it's possible to switch between different precipitations (rain,
>> snow, none). I'm a little worried though that the multiple lights will
>> require deferred lightning. Is that the case?
>> It will probably also only affect the medium and high setting, but
>> that's ok. The fixed function detail level is there, but there's really
>> no reason to put too much effort into providing such advanced features
>> for it.
>> On the server side front there actually already is a "weather" entity
>> present in the game, which cycles through rain. It's just not read by
> Ember.
>> We use Caelum for our sky, but that project is kinda stalled. The sky
>> looks ok most of the time, but isn't really all that natural. Would your
>> project also include providing a more natural sky?
>> /Erik
>> 2010-03-22 22:22, Zdravko Velinov skrev:
>>> Hello, as you may guess I'm interested in participating in Google Summer
>>> of Code.
>>> I think that worldforge is the most suitable project for myself, because
>>> when I have started developing applications in C++, about 4 years ago, my
>>> primary objective was to create a full fledged computer games. Well, I
>>> have learned for this period of time that this is easier said than done.
>>> So what is my background?
>>> I have been an RunUO admin for a short time - so you may guess what kind
>>> of game I was interested in developing. Then I have decided to start my
>>> own project with some friends which turned out to be a total disaster. So
>>> at least I have learned how to develop C++ applications which was very
>>> useful because I had won a national programming contest(btw, I'm from
>>> Bulgaria) in my last year at school.
>>> So about two years ago I have abandoned all my efforts to build a video
>>> game and now I'm more concentrated on some concrete algorithms, which I'm
>>> implementing by using OpenGL/GLSL.
>>> Oh, I have some formal training in C/C++ programming at the university.
>>> Currently, I'm studying in Technical University - Sofia for a bachelor
>>> degree in the field of telecommunications(2nd year).
>>> Enough talking let's show you the code:
>>> - I have some experience with developing open source applications.
>>> http://openfmi.net/projects/tvhelper/
>>> This is a simple application that I have developed for myself to watch
>>> online tv because the totem and mplayer plugins for Firefox were broken.
>>> It turned out to be quite popular, as you may see in the download
> section,
>>> but I haven't updated it for quite some time, so I assume that it is no
>>> longer working.
>>> - Here are some screen shots from my most recent work
>>> http://gallery.vkv5.com/main.php?g2_itemId=2617 -- GPGPU based ocean
> water
>>> simulation
>>> http://gallery.vkv5.com/main.php?g2_itemId=2614 -- A simple geomipmapping
>>> algorithm
>>> that I have developed in order to learn OpenGL
>>> I can send you the code but it is not pretty.
>>> And of course I have some minimal previous experience with OGRE. Well, I
>>> can't prove that because I don't have some more advanced code that I can
>>> show you. So you can assume that I don't know anything about it.
>>> What am I interested in developing?
>>> Well, I have checked the Ideas list -- nothing interesting, really.
>>> I'm more interested in developing a weather system. I see that currently
>>> Ember is using Caelum which enables just a day and night cycle, but what
>>> about rain and snow. This will greatly enhance the user experience and
>>> will bring some new technologies to the project.
>>> So in the past few weeks I have been researching about some related
> works.
>>> And
>>> the most notable is the ATi Toyshop Demo:
>>> http://developer.amd.com/media/gpu_assets/Tatarchuk-Isidoro-Rain(EGWNph06).pdf
>>> So the question is how far this particular algorithm is appliable to real
>>> world application such as Ember. Well, this entirely depends on the
>>> targeted audience. So this is actually my first question. - What are the
>>> limitations about performance/realism that you have placed?
>>> Well, If everything depends on me:
>>> First of all, I'm going to implement some simple particle based
> algorithm.
>>> Then I will add the lighting effects. The next step is to make the
>>> algorithm to smoothly transition from one state to another(rain, snow,
>>> cloudy etc.) -- that's actually the most important part because
> without it
>>> this code will be totally useless. Then, of course, if I have some time
>>> left I can try some more advanced effects, but only if the results are
>>> efficient enough.
>>> Ok, so that's it for now. I'm still planning, but at least I have some
>>> idea what I'm interested in.
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