[WF-General] [GSOC] Skill requirements

Zdravko Velinov z.velinov at vkv5.com
Sun Mar 28 09:41:37 PDT 2010

Actually, my point is that the current lighting system is adequate for
open spaces but it won't be very efficient for a city environment and the
lightmaps won't help either. But as I see that's not the case for the
currently available world - it's mostly open spaces and 4-5 houses.

Well, let's talk about some real solutions because I was talking in
general in my last few mails. So, the authors of the Toy Shop Demo suggest
that the lightmaps are used to realistically lit the rain splashes, well
that's not applicable for open spaces because there is only one light
source most of the time. The other suggested usage is more realistic. Two
lightmaps packed inside a texture are calculated for two different
lightning directions and then they are mixed depending on some random
parameters in order to simulate different lightning directions.

Oh, and I have checked out the "weather entity". Well, I don't have much
experience with python so I can't currently do anything about it. I have
used it for some basic scons build scripts in the past but that doesn't
have anything to do with real programming.

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