[WF-General] Automatic adjustment level of graphical levell

Комягин Дмитрий dnk-88 at tut.by
Tue Mar 30 15:33:53 PDT 2010


I compiled the Ember in openSUSE. Program well run with GeForce7600, but
under the GeForce 4 MX 440 when trying to start the game on the server, it
exits with an error. I believe that this is due to the lack of support
OpenGL2.0 or an insufficient number of texture units.

Previously, you mentioned that Ember supports using fixed function pipeline,
but Ogre requires OpenGL 2.0. The minimum hardware for running a GeForce FX
5xxx? Some examples of Ogre using fixed function pipeline run by and for
GeForce 4 mx440.

Will Ember refined so that it can run on the equipment below OpenGL 2.0?

Of course, I changed its GeForce 4mx440 on GF5200 or GF5500, in order to
make easier testing modifications.

With regards.Dmitry
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