[WF-General] Request for help, and perhaps GSOC

Erick Vresnev Castellanos Hernández vresnev at ideasavanzadas.com
Wed Mar 31 16:17:56 PDT 2010

El Mie, 31 de Marzo de 2010, 6:27 am, Erik Hjortsberg escribió:
> Hi, the documentation on the main site isn't exactly organized. Some of
> it is also pretty obsolete.
> If you tell us what you've found so far we can help you find that which
> you've missed.

Is there any documentation/paper about your deprecated text client? I'm
interested in knowing how was the experience. Did it became obsolete for
missing developers? or because it was not feasible to interact with a
virtual world?

> It's worth knowing about the Atlas protocol, and how the world is
> described using it. One of the best way is to start up the Ember client
> (build from source through the Hammer script:
> http://wiki.worldforge.org/wiki/Hammer_Script ) and issue the command
> /show_serverLogger . This will show you all communication with the
> server in raw Atlas xml form.

I'm in the process right now to having an updated ember/cyphesis

> Cyphesis is designed to work with natural language for communication
> (and transmitting of knowledge). A short example of this can be found
> here: http://worldforgedev.org/archives/25
> Al has some more info about the Interlinguish system over at
> http://alistairriddoch.org/ (some things about acorn might be obsolete
> though).

Even though the example looks promising, for my research I'm focusing more
on "controlled natural language", ACL in particular. This is because ACL
is in fact a formal language. Are you, Erik, involved in the
implementation of this feature, or is only Alistar Riddoch the one
involved? I would like to talk in more detail about this.

> If you are interested in participating in the SoC you should submit an
> application. The application window is only open for a couple of days,
> and the sooner we get your application the better, as we can then give
> feedback etc..
> I think your proposed project sounds interesting.
> /Erik

So, the application is first sent to the mail list, or directly to Google?
I already have a draft of it, but I'm worried about the scope/limited time
of the proposal.

Thanks for you help.

Ing. Erick Vresnev Castellanos Hernández

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