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Alistair Riddoch alriddoch at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 17 03:59:06 PST 2012

On Thursday, 16 February 2012, Dean Bouvier wrote:

> I completely agree with you Alistair, sorry if my statement came across as
> disagreement, I think your suggestion is a good approach, I was just
> reaffirming his assumption that users have had that experience as I've
> noted a number of users stating that exact thing to me in discussion or on
> various forums in relating the project as a while, I agree that it makes
> more sense to leave it as a client side fix if that will work. I didn't
> realize Eris could garner this much information from the servers already.
No problem with a healthy exchange of views. :)

As Erik says below, Eris doesn't include this field in the ServerInfo
class, so it wouldn't be obvious to everyone that the information was
there. I knew because I wrote the original cyphesis code that exports the
record. I'm not sure why James missed it out when he was implementing Eris,
but I can only assume he didn't think it would be relevant.

> I will do a fresh startup on the Sandbox and then watch the client count
> after use and when I see it occur zip the log and email it to you to
> review, I figured this was just someone who liked to idle and watch the
> servers for statistical purposes, that explains why I could never locate
> the client entity though. :)

Thanks, that would be useful. Do you know for sure where the cyphesis logs
are going? I assume you are running it in daemon mode, in which case they
will be sent to syslog, but depending on how your syslogd is configured,
they may not actually be written to files.


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