[WF-Infra] New site account instructions?

kosh at aesaeion.com kosh at aesaeion.com
Wed Jul 4 15:39:12 PDT 2001

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Philippe Jadin wrote:

> About editing, I'd like to know what is "morally" permitted : can I edit
> every page, update stuff that is imho out of date, add info where there is
> nothing? Will this upset someone?
Go ahead and edit something like that. However in general don't edit
things that are more creative that you are not involved in. IE if you are
not the person writing about goblins don't go in and change the images,
descriptions etc. In general if you think you will step on someone elses
toes I would ask. If there is nothing there, out of data, etc feel free to
edit it.

> This is the first big open project I'm involved in, so I have no experience
> with this. Maybe this could be in the newbie faq?
Okay I will hand that to Liss who is working on the FAQ.

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