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MiguelGuzmán aglanor at teleline.es
Fri Jul 6 21:14:19 PDT 2001


kosh wrote:

> On Thursday 05 July 2001 04:14 pm, you wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >     Have anyone thought about that translation issue? Now in summer I'll
> > have a little more spare time and I'd like to continue translating pages. I
> > don't know how will this be handled in the new website.
> >
> So far the exact method has not been designed in yet however it is a
> capability of the system. I am not sure entirely how translations should be
> handled yet. How would you like to see translations handled?

    It has been discussed and IIRC there were two major approachs to this issue:

    - the easy, not very elegant one: every page is translated by creating a new
page named like the original but addidn _xx to the name where xx is the code of
the lang to which it is traslated. Say, from news.htm you'd have news_es.htm,
news_fr.htm, news_de.htm. I did that in the old site to translate some XClient
pages. Not very clever, but works :)

    - a more complex system in which the website automatically keeps track of the
translated pages, and if you are surfing, say, in portuguese, all pages appear in
portuguese as long as there is a portuguese translation. If there is not, the
original version (usually english) appears automatically. You can switch between
translations at anytime by choosing so (someone proposed a menu bar with flags
which represented langs).

    I don't mind going on with the 1st system, because the translated text can be
quickly reused in case we ever have a big bunch of translations and the system is
switched to the 2nd way.

    BTW, bienvenido, Ezequiel ! ¡Entre dos será más fácil hacer las traducciones!

    Best regards,



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