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Melissa 'Liss' Tyson faecrow at bigdam.net
Mon Jul 16 21:11:14 PDT 2001

Hello all!

I know that I still haven't finished the general FAQ yet, but I'm going to be working on it beginning tomorrow.  By the time kosh and I get through, we should have 
easily searchable items and I should be experienced with Zope.  Since I will know what I'm doing, I've went ahead and volunteered for updating and moving similar 
information from other areas on to the new website once the FAQ is done.  Those of you in charge of the various projects will probably hear from me asking 
questions very soon. :)

Pato has done a fantastic job with the Newbie Guide, but the FAQs and such also need to be geared to giving newbies a good place to start and look for 
information on the things that interest them or that they're ignorant about.  As zzorn pointed out to me, we've received a lot of attention from LinuxTag and the new 
students will be starting University soon.  If we can get this done or at least started by then, it will be a big help to everyone.  Any suggestions in this regard 
(especially from newbies, who know what they've been looking for) would be appreciated.

I would like to hear about what anyone thinks should be included in the FAQ or suggestions for anything about this project.  As those of you who spend time in 
#lounge know, I'm only generally familiar with the project and its requirements, so I don't always know the questions to ask.  You all can help me by letting me know 
what you'd like to see.

Also, for anyone interested in the project but not sure what to do, I'm more than willing to help you out.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  If I don't know 
the answer, I'll be certain to find the person that does.  I'm good at that.  :)

As I always, I'm available via email, IMs or on IRC.

Melissa, aka Liss or Maida

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