[WF-Infra] I have translated the XClient page to german

MiguelGuzmán miguelg at tid.es
Thu Jul 19 17:13:27 PDT 2001

Fabian Svara wrote:

> I have translated the XClient pages (except the devloper part, as I was
> told that wasn't necessary) to german. It is at
> http://svara.dyndns.org/website/clients/xclient/xclient_de
> Some browsers display the html text there instead of the actual page, I
> guess it is an apache problem, but I haven't managed to figure out
> what's wrong. It displays ok in IE.

    Great work Fabian !!!

        There is already a taste of the XClient page on the new site, here

        http://moria.mit.edu:8080/wf/dev/eng/clients/xclient      (made
with Kosh's help)

        The layout is a little different but the contents are the same than
those of the old site, so perhaps we could upload your translation here
with minimal cosmetic changes.

        A question to Kosh: would it be worth to upload the translation as
"*_lang" pages and later remove them? or should we wait for the automatic
language dispatcher system?

        XClient moves! w00t!

        Best regards,


        BTW: where do you upload doxygen-created pages? to the CVS?

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