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Bob Racko bobr at dprc.net
Thu Jul 19 20:07:30 PDT 2001

sorry for the delay, took me longer than I thought to
get my sat dish aligned up in the san-juan mountains here.

- I am off the grid (though the poles stop in front of me on the other side 
of the river)
- I have no phone and I must scream (at someone for not finishing to power 
- I have solar & generator.
- I have sat TV and sat IP (bidirectional)

turns out the solar cells provided by the government really do
have enough power to run the dish and this laptop -- I just have to be
careful not to drain the batteries with cloudy days!

/me dons wizard hat and tries a "clear skies spell"

ssh and rsync are already loaded and ready.

At 11:07 AM 6/25/01 -0700, you wrote:
>On Sat, Jun 23, 2001 at 12:55:56PM -0400, Bob Racko wrote:
> > several of the machines are slated to be  DNS hosts
> > so I am interested in the "ice" direction too.
> > If a machine were to run DNS for worldforge it would sit in
> > its own chrooted area with only a few executables handy.
>Okay. I was planning on using djbdns for DNS, which means we would need
>a method for doing updates, like rsync over ssh.
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