[WF-Infra] revision of the 2d media section, Part II

Uta Szymanek szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Sat Jun 2 02:31:12 PDT 2001


As the next step in the revision of the 2d-media section of the website
I have started to rebuild the gallery section. The gallery section now
consists of the following pages:
- Portraits
- Concept Art
- Screenshots
- Illustrations
- Sprites
- Tiles
- Fonts
- Comics

Just as I have done for the howto pages, I have rendered illustrations
for the this sub pages. These illustrations visualize the entrance to
the indivdual rooms and already show a selection of typical images. The
portrait gallery currently has got the following rooms:
- Renderer Portraits
- Portraits based on Sketches and drawings
It is self evident that this list can be extended, for example if
someone starts working on portraits based on photos.
The "Rendered Portraits" were made with Poser on the basis of the very
models which have also been used to render the animated sprites for

The screenshot page has also been updated, it should keep this form
until further updates will be necessary.






live long and prosper, Uta.

Uta Szymanek known as pegasus
E-mail:  szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Homepage: http://www.ardanoldo.de

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