[WF-Infra] The media UI is on the way !

Tony td_miles at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 3 23:31:49 PDT 2001

--- Philippe Jadin <philippe.jadin at 123piano.com> wrote: 
> Thanks for the pointer. I guess I'll have something in those
> lines.
> Thumbnail generation, is on the
> todo list;-)

At this stage, yes, leave it as "to-do", it is secondary to the
main task of making this happen.

> > > - filename / path (the location on the ftp server,
> abstracted from
> server
> > > name)
> >
> > Media is stored on a CVS server, and you can get some
> metadata from that
> > as well (revision, commit history, owner)
> Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't it decided to store the media to
> the new ftp
> server? It would be easier for those who have no clue with
> cvs. I guess not
> all authors / artist know how to use cvs. Tony is preparing
> the move if I
> understood well. The move is probably better seen as a copy,
> so changes
> won't be irremediable. The recomandation when we'll have
> something running
> will probably be to store files on the ftp server. A web
> interface will be
> provided for this.

Someone else can back me up, or prove me wrong here, but I
believe all of the media for the WF project will continue to be
stored in CVS to allow easier updates & tracking of what is
where (etc.) This is not to say that the same media will not
exist in the media repository. The whole purpose
( of the repository is to
provide a central location for ALL free media, not just that for
the WF project. The WF media will be used to initially seed the
repository, but the hope is that it will not be exclusively for
WF use. Hence the need to try and make something that is
functional for everybody to use, and not just something that
half works and we can say "well its only for our use, so we'll
just put up with it half working".

This does bring up another point though, if the media is to
exist in both CVS & repository, when will a piece be added to
the repository. Obviously the best time would be once it is
finished, and no longer likely to be changing any more. Is there
a way of telling this ? Or will it be a case of asking all of
the authors/artists which of their pieces are finished, and can
be added to repository.

> However it could be nice to retrieve current informations from
> current
> media.
> Philippe

I have a summary of a discussion about certain aspects of the
repository that were discussed at the last media meeting, but RL
conspired against me even turning my computer on over the
weekend, so it hasn't happened yet, but will soon.


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