[WF-Infra] Whitepaper process

Oliver White ojw at unite.com.au
Sun Jun 17 16:25:34 PDT 2001

Ok, basic biscuits:

1) Write your paper. Feel free to ask for help, if you can find people
to provide comments and feedback for the paper, that's great, include
them in the 'Reviewed By:' section of the paper. (It'll be part of the
standard whitepaper template...)

2) Upload your whitepaper to the CVS repository, including a revision
tag within the document which CVS can keep up to date for you. (I assume
CVS has this facility, I haven't checked.)

3) Publish your paper on the web. Yes, do it yourself. We'll develop
tools to make it easier, as I've talked about before, but for now you'll
just want to run "latex2html" or some such tool on your paper and upload
it to the website. You'll need to speak to kosh and chord about the
uploading process, that's their business.

4) Respond to feedback with updates to your papers. Static documents are
an unnecessary limitation. Notice the various versions of 'The Cathedral
and the Bazaar'. Just update the copy in CVS, then upload the new
document to the website. Tools will become available shortly to make
life a bit easier. Remeber to include the names/monikas of those who've
helped to improve the document.

That's it. :-)

Oliver White

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