[WF-Infra] Media repository request for comments - a little story

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Sat Jun 2 17:18:02 PDT 2001


This is a second attempt to describe (maybe better this time?;-) how I see
the future media repository interface. I hope to get some additional input
before working on it. In fact, it *is* more than an interface, as some
choice made now will be hard to change in the future. That's why your
feedback is needed ;-).

Let's imagine the typical day of an artist wanting to submit his work to the


Edouard has just finished his first attempt at drawing an apple. It's a
pencil hand made 2d draw.

Edouard goes to the media repository site, and search for the best
categories to put his work into. Finally, he thinks that his apple should be
placed into /things/food/fruits/apples (thanks to the well organized
categories, and thanks to the categories maintainer).

There are already two apples entries (a SmallApple, and a WhiteSnow), and
Edouard has the possibility to add his own entry by choosing "add entity"
(he calls his apple "CoolApple", because, hum, well, he finds his apple
really cool).

Edouard knows that an entity is a folder in which he will place all his work
for the same "thing". For example, if he wants to add a colorized version of
the apple, he will add in his /coolapple entity folder instead of the
general /apple folder. If someone create a 3d version of this particular
apple, he will put it in the same /coolapple entity folder.

The application knows what to do when a user asks to add "something" : if
the author is already in an entity, he can directly add a file there. If he
is in a "general category", he is asked to either create an entity or add
his file to an existing entity.

Edouard has created his entity folder, called CoolApple. Now he can add his
file in this entity. Edouard gets a form where he can browse a file on his
computer, and he is asked for differents metadata about his work : keywords,
description, comments, licence ...

Edouard is happy : with his apple, he contributed to a cool project.

What Edouard maybe doesn't know, it's where his apple file is now : it has
been stored on an ftp server, on a freshly created /CoolApple subfolder
under /things/food/fruits/apples. Anyone can access this ftp server, and can
download the artwork of Edouard. But there is another way to get Edouard's


Paul is creating a game, and he is looking for a good drawing of an apple.
He goes to the media repository (he doesn't like ftp this much), and search
for the word "apple" : he gets a listing of the available categories /
files. He finds the apple of Edouard, and it seems someone else (John if you
really want ot know) submitted a 3d model of the apple of Edouard.

That's exactly what he was looking for. When he asks for the download of the
file, he has the choice of reviewing the licence, get only the 3d model, or
the whole entity as a zip file (including Edouard drawings, John meshes, and
licences). He chooses the zip file, in order to have in mind the licences
for the files.

Paul doesn't know that the zip file has been generated on the fly, and that
noone got the hassle of zipping all the files for him.


Conclusion :

Is this story the exact description of how the media repository should be
used / designed? Would you use such a thing?

Any comments?



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