[WF-Infra] New website?

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Sat Jun 2 23:59:31 PDT 2001

> It works on zope 2.3.2 and requires the python imaging library. FTP to it
> currently is impossible and probably never will be possible. FTP is
> designed for flat files and as such is really imcompatible with a doc of
> this kind. Example let say you hae a document that has a textarea, a title
> area, a file, an image, and sql db query etc when you ftp to it which
> should it try and update? How should it to the updating? etc.

Ftp is indeed too limitating. With xml-rpc or the new fat client,
compounddocs would be a very robust solution.

> The problem is dtml documents are not catalog aware. They have to be
> manually indexed for searching which is 1 a pain. 2 a serious drain on the

I wasn't aware of this.

> What this leaves is that a set of site wide templates that can be
> customized on a per object basis is required. CompoundDoc keeps it
> templates site wide however the instance of the template is tied to that
> object so it can be customized on a per object basis. The template is
> merely the starting point.

Per object customization is even better of course.

Something else again [sorry to bother] : do you think it could be possible
to have mysql installed on the zope server? Or at least have the mysqlda
product installed. I have a mysql running somewhere, so for the tests the DA
is more than enough.

For the media repository, I won't go with the zodb approach, as Bryce said :
"The relational db approach would have the admirable property of being more
easily ported, as well as the preponderance of tools and experience with
I'll still use zope as the new website will make use of it, and because I
begin to understand it enough to do this kind of work.


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