[WF-Infra] What next

Dave Turner novalis at novalis.org
Mon Jun 25 14:34:50 PDT 2001

Bob Racko wrote:
> At 01:22 PM 6/13/01 -0700, Jack Cummings wrote:
> >On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 08:00:23PM -0000, anubis wrote:
> ><stuff>
>             WHAT YOU DO FOR ME
> You folks have been good to page me when IRC acts up
> and I appreciate the synergy of having folks on IRC
> be my coal-mine-canary when the ISP (concentric) fails to notify me.

If you give me the number, I can be a backup on that.

>             WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU
> I can host additional IRC services in another datacenter/webfarm
> geographically separate from the main IRC server. irc.worldforge.org is in
> NewYork/NewJersey.  The datacenter I am talking about is in MA.
> I have very fast machines in the datacenter
> but only a modest allotment of bandwidth I can use
> for "monitoring" via IRC.   These are the same machines that
> helped boost me into a top position in seti.
> There is enough space to hold a brenda or 4 as well.
> I would put brenda on the same machine as one of the irc servers
> to lower bandwidth demand.  Multiple people here would be given IRC reboot
> authority.
> (Jack + cerebus + myself and perhaps others).

I haven't seen cerebus around for a while, but maybe he just doesn't
hang out when/where I do.  

Grimicus, me, aloril, jack, kosh, and pug are the current IRC operators,
and would make good candidates for reboot authority.

Brenda should be hosted remotely. Because her logs need to be accessible
via HTTP, the bandwidth costs end up being the same remote or local. 
Grimicus continues to improve her code, so he's hosting her.

>             NO ZOPE? WHY NOT?

We don't need a secondary Zope server right now anyway - web services
seem to finally be under control.

Another DNS server would be cool.  IRC services (chan, nick, op, etc)
that could service our whole network and that we could control (the same
list of people as above) would be great.  

Perhaps an additional testing server for STAGE would be good, but this
would require some of our developers to have SSH access.  Another
possibility is to use it for testing the metaserver or as a secondary
metaserver (not yet supported). A metaserver is probably lower bandwidth
and proc than STAGE.

(Judge Grimicus concurring)

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Pug, if you read this, please come back or at least let us know 
you're OK.  We all miss you very much.

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