[WF-Infra] New website?

Philippe Jadin philippe.jadin at 123piano.com
Mon Jun 18 10:42:23 PDT 2001

> install both but I am not entirely sure what is required right now to
> setup the databases. How are you planning to handle versions in the
> relation database? With postgres zope will manage the transactions
> automaticaly and cache the connections which makes things easier then it
> normally would be.

Well, finally I found it was better to use zope to store media metadata and
not use any rdbms. It's much more flexible and easier to implement. I'll
provide some kind of xml representation of metadata per object or per
folder, this would give easy connections with another system. And the lack
of SQL is not a problem imho if I use zcatalog.

Moreover, as you said it is hard to implement versions in a rdbms.

So, what do you think about a 100% zope solution? For now I'd like to use
standard zope image/file products because they do exactly what we need
(catalog awareness can be implemented easily in the the addMedia python
script). And those are the right type added when you submit a file or an
image to zope.

Another question : is it better to have a separate catalog for media or not?
Imho it would be better to have a separate one, but I'd like to have your
opinion on this. Because I'll add a search page to the media ui soon.

As for ftp access, I have quite a solution : we could create a special ftp
account (a special role maybe) which would only have "add image/file", "ftp
access" and "view" permissions. This way it would be impossible to delete
files (only add new ones) with ftp. This way I can't see a security risk if
the password is sniffed, all the bad guy could do is add/view new files.

When Tony will have the categories, and when the ui will be finished, when
can we expect to have the media ui zope working "technically"? I mean there
is probably some work on your end, for example having a separate mount of
zodb only for media, and check for the 2gb limit, backups etc... I can not
help a lot there, because I don't know zope enough for this. Anyway if I can
help, let me know.

Finally, I can't have zsyncer working anymore (but it's probably a problem
on my end) : I get parameter error - bobobase_modification_time or something
like this (and I cannot see what I changed). Seems to be a known bug of
zsyncer, maybe we'll have to wait for the new release...

I got very few feedback about this media repository, so maybe it's not
urgent at all, we'll see ;-)



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