[WF-Infra] /me volunteers

Tony Miles td_miles at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 6 17:25:26 PST 2001

Hi All,

I have been lurking around the various WF mailing
lists, and projects, and trying to find a place to fit
in, and provide something to the WF effort.

I just saw that on the page mail.worldforge.org you
are trying to setup a public key infrastructure with
your own CA and stuff. This is interesting to me,
because I am currently going thru the same experience
for one of the customers that i work with. I would be
interested in helping out with this for mutual benefit
if assistance is required.

Additionally the effort to mirror the www servers
(looks to be chiefly managed by bobr) interests me.

My experience/skills look something like:

- 4+ years PERL coding (mainly website backend stuff,
but some system things)
- about 1-2 years *nix admin experience (again, mostly
with web/mail servers)
- IT degree majoring in Data Comms
- 6 years MUD playing :)  (mostly ECII/ECIII)

I don't have tons of spare time, and when I could have
some input, it tends to be sporadic. So I would not be
good for tasks that need completing in a couple of
days, but rather ones that could wait for a week or
two till I could fit them in.

Anyway, enough rambling, let me know if there is
anything I can help with.

Tony (aka  Boots The Eternal)

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