[WF-Infra] Box Parts. (Was Re: belegost FTP / file upload /rackmount boxen)

Malcolm Walker walker05 at islandnet.com
Thu Mar 8 00:39:42 PST 2001

Derek Gladding wrote:

> Got them boxed up now - I'll mail them to Malcolm this weekend (you'll have to find your > own heatsink for the CPU though). I've probably got a crappy PCI or ISA video card lying around > as well that I'll throw in the box too - you're not bothered about video performance with this > being a server ?

The motherboard has ATI AGP card builtin.  It has a video ram expansion
slot too!  And TV-Out!  All of which are necessary for servers, of

Heatsinks are no problem here.  I'll raid the junk bin at the computer
store tomorrow.


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