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Chord chord at
Fri Mar 16 13:07:51 PST 2001

> Another thing I'd like to see, some day, is multiple language versions
> of the intro section of the new website.  I have *no* idea how to go
> about doing this, and have to imagine it'd be challenging to set up, but
> am convinced that it would be very well appreciated by many people.
> This is something we might want to put on the back burner of the stove
> for about 2-3 weeks...  Would you mind taking the duty of reminding us
> again of this some time next month?  This would give Chord and Kosh time
> to mull it over, too.  

While a noble idea, I am very skeptical about something like
this working. Take a look around our current website. How
hard has it been to keep up to date? How hard has it been to
keep organized? 

People on the project come and go, abandoning areas, leaving
them to decay and get very 'stale.' How much harder will it be
to keep up to date if all of a sudden every small change will
require a change to  equivalent pages in other languages? What
do we do when people proficient in those languages are the ones
who have left the project? Next thing we know we have varied
degrees of "out of date"ness. The italian copy could be really up
to date, but oops, the french guy went awol, so it's way behind. 

Keeping one website in one language current, fresh and organized
is no small task, as we've discovered. Having content duplicated
in other languages sounds like a fantastic idea in theory, but I see
no easy way to keep it up.

    - Chord

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