[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] Acorn Game Server Plan

Anubis . tonopah at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 20 16:02:08 PST 2001

I would like to paint my Acorn server.  I don't really care what color, but 
something mellow but cheery would be nice; maybe a shade of green or purple.

Then again, we may be dropping that naming scheme since we can use the 
Metaserver, and/or host naming issues mentioned by Alistair.

If we do go the color route, do I need to do anything on my end?

anubis (the novice sysadmin)

When the next version of Acorn is released, I think our little project 
should begin practicing maintaining and supplying game servers.  This is 
going to be an important skill for us to provide in the future, so if we can 
start getting into the practice now, it'll serve us well later.
To try to give us a little sense of order, I'd like to suggest the following 
server naming/organizational arrangement:
LastAcorn   - Runs the *previous* (old) version of Acorn
BlackAcorn  - All run the current stable version of AcornBlueAcornGreenAcorn
NextAcorn   - Runs the developmental (alpha/beta) version of Acorn.
              This is provided for testing purposes and should be            
    built from the CVS sources nightly.
All of these would be subdomains of worldforge.org, and would use port 6767 
(or whatever we choose as standard for Acorn services.)
I like the color naming approach because it's simple, straightforward, 
extensible, does not imply any sort of ordering, and sounds cooler than some 
numerical coding scheme.  Appending Acorn to the name allows us to  use a 
similar scheme when we get to Mason, if we wish. How does this sound?

-- Bryce Harringtonbryce @ neptune.net
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