[WF-Infra] Project database

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Wed Mar 21 01:02:30 PST 2001

Some other notes regarding the meeting db...

We'll want a cron job to once-an-hour go through the db and personnel
list, and look for people who wish to be notified about the meeting.
For instance, they may wish to be told exactly one time, 24 hrs before
the meeting, or perhaps would rather be informed more frequently - 24,
8, 1 hr, and 5 min before the meeting.  Tie-ins with IRC logs,
summaries, and followups are obvious, of course.  ;-)

Similar cron jobs should be established to send out reminders to
whomever is signed up to product the meeting summary, to do so.

It should be fairly easy to establish repeated-meetings.  For instance,
it should allow specifying that meetings for a particular game project
should occur on the third thursday of every month, or every other
Saturday that is not a holiday.


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