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HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Wed Mar 21 15:43:44 PST 2001

At 09:37 2001-03-21, Bryce wrote:
>On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Hans [iso-8859-1] Häggström wrote:
> >
> > _Project database contents_
> >
> > * Project ID.
> >     - Some unique number used as key.
>Note that in WorldForge I've been trying to be careful what I call
>'project'.  The naming scheme I'm trying to follow holds that WorldForge
>is a 'project', and groups of people working on things like UClient,
>XClient, Acorn, Mason, etc. are 'Efforts' or 'Endeavors'.

Hmm.. Okay, we could call them efforts instead of projects.

> >
> > * Irc channel(s) primarily used for this project
> >     - One irc channel can be used by my many projects.  This field 
> could be
> > helpful for half-automated picking up of bookmarks.
>You may want to have a separate 'IRC Channel' table, and then this field
>could simply hold an ID for the channel.

Good idea.  The irc logs and bookmarks could be linked to from that table.

> > * Mailing list(s) primarily used for this project

*nod*  There might be some mailing list specific data we might want to 
store in the table later.

> > _Other databases that link to the project database_
> > (I'm a bit rusty on relational databases, please forgive me for not using
> > the right terms and try to understand what I mean.)
> > * Meetings and events database
> >     - Each meeting/event can belong to one (or maybe more) project(s).
>This will actually work in the reverse - the meetings and even db will
>hold a field that is the 'Project ID'.  When you need a list of meetings
>for a given project, you'll find the Project ID, and then do a filter on
>that from the Meetings table.

That was what I was trying to explain with the talk about linking to the
project database in the section heading.  Sorry for the confusion.

> > _Different views to, and uses of, the project database_
> > * Template project homepage.
> >      - This would create a template into which the project homepage could
> > be included, or that could be modified to suit the purposes of the project.
>Interesting, but sounds a tad involved...  You may want to dig into the
>details here a good chunk more.

Basically it would be different components that could be included at the 
right edge,
at the bottom of the page, or at the top of the page.  A bit like the 
slashboxes on slashdot,
or the news tables currently included on some of the effort pages.

> > * Tool for creating a new project
> >      - Web based forms to fill in, that creates a new project.  Also
> > optionally fill in a news announcement to post to the news database, 
> create
> > a homepage for the project, etc.
>Very good idea.  The easier we can make it for other game development
>groups to join WorldForge, the better for both.
> > _Implementation_
> >
> > The meeting, product, etc, databases aren't implemented yet, so the
> > functionality that needs them can be left out for the time being.
> >
> > Kosh mentioned that postgres should be used as a database, because the 
> rest
> > of the WF site will use that.
>Postgresql is a good db for this, but I bet it could be kept database
>agnostic.  Of course, if you use Python you might not have that option
>since it lacks a database-abstraction layer (AFAIK).  Obviously you'd
>like to avoid making it Zope-dependent, since that would pretty much
>seal its fate, regarding being of any use to anything but the new WF
>website.  ;-)

 From what I can see zope looks like it could provide very good tools for this,
and the rest of the new site is using it too.  If we want to create a product
of our website code that other projects can use, then I think we can have it
require zope. It's not that hard to install if you already have access to the
web server, and you need some degree of access anyway if you want to run
python scripts on it.

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