[WF-Infra] Project database

Chord chord at worldforge.org
Wed Mar 21 12:13:51 PST 2001

> * Template project homepage.
>     - This would create a template into which the project homepage could
> be included, or that could be modified to suit the purposes of the project.
>      - It could be configured, so that the different components that it
> contains can be turned on or off by page editors, and/or viewers....

> * Tool for creating a new project
>      - Web based forms to fill in, that creates a new project.  Also
> optionally fill in a news announcement to post to the news database, create
> a homepage for the project, etc.

You may want to get with kosh and I on this part at
some point. Plans for making adding new 'efforts' to
the website have already been on the go. This is part
of the reason for my recent quizzing on what ppl look
for when they wish to look at working on a particular
endeavour. Part of the plan is to have a certain minimum
required information that would allow for uniformity
in purpose and in presentation across like areas and
'efforts' on the site. This directory structure would be
added at the creation of each new 'effort/project' to
serve as a guide and as a quick webarea setup.

Sounds like this may be something we might want to
meet on at some point so we aren't duplicating and
cancelling out each others' efforts.

    - Chord

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