[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] We need a members database

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Wed Oct 3 20:50:35 PDT 2001

> Whew.  Anyway, to sum up - I think we'd get the best bang for the buck
> by doing the members database via Eidetic, with the data stored either
> in Postgresql (preference) or mysql, and with authentication controlled
> via Apache::AuthTicket.  If Zope can be made to handle this sort of
> setup, then I think it'd open a *lot* of potential.  Think it can be
> done?

What I like with your system is the fact that it is already usable with
other tools. In the case of zope, user authentification is a plugin, so
you can create your own kind of zope "user folder". There are several
zope products that do just this.

What would be the most zope-friendly, would be to use one of those
products, "mysqlUserFolder". This way we can use your tool for every
task outside zope, and use this user folder inside zope with the user
data coming from the same mysql database.

Here is a description from the documentation :

- Main function is to authenticate users and set their roles based on
data from the MySQL server.
- It keeps track of sessions (logging is supported).
- It allows reading and writing custom user and session data. These
informations are also kept in a MySQL table.
- It has methods that allow users to modify their accounts. It also
allows anonymous user creation (it allows users to create their accounts
over the internet). Also, folder's management interface allows user

Only problem I guess, is the schema of the database used by
mysqlUserFolder which is probably not the same as yours. Anyway I
uploaded it there: http://moria.mit.edu:8080/media/sql/create_tables.txt
. What do you think about it?

This product seems pretty complete, with user activities loged, custom
roles, custom user properties, and support for sessions with a limited

What do you think about it ?

btw, there are other zope products that do user authentification (there
are generic ones that could be used to provide custom made
authentification routines)


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