[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] We need a members database

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Wed Oct 3 22:45:04 PDT 2001

> > What do you think about it ?
> Judging from the SQL it looks like a pretty good system.  But Eidetic
> already provides most of this, and not in a compatible fashion.  If this
> system works with Zope, then I bet we could use it as a template for
> how to get Eidetic to be usable with Zope.  Zope capability for user
> accounting would be a wonderful feather in Eidetic's cap.

So we have two choices : adapting Eidetic to use the mysqlUserFolder
tables, or adapting zope to use the Eidetic tables...

I have no idea which one is more practical / easier ;-)

Anyway, if it needs a lot of work to use the mysql user folder, it's not
really  interesting, as it was more a plug and p(r|l)ay solution.

So, we may be luckier using _exUserFolder_, which is another, more
generic Zope user folder, with an open plugin architecture. (see
http://www.zope.org/Members/TheJester/exUserFolder )

With this tool, adding new user sources to zope seems quite easy, you
have to use the exUserFolder API (copy at :
http://moria.mit.edu:8080/media/sql/README.API )

Fortunatelly, most of the work has been made, because there is already
an "authentification source" plugin made for Postgres.

This plugin is not limited to a particular database scheme, as you need
to provide a table name, a user/password/role column name (it may be
totally plug and play with Eidetic).

It may be the easiest way to connect zope to Eidetic imho.

btw. the exUserFolder does also provide custom properties for users.


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