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Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Fri Oct 5 18:33:02 PDT 2001


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Subject: [WF-CVS] Fwd: Re: CVS account , please

This mail didn't go through; It got returned to me with the error:

Your message has encountered delivery problems
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No recipients were successfully delivered to.

So, I'm sending it to this list, since it seems like the most appropriate. 

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Subject: Re: CVS account , please
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 16:54:37 -0500
From: Robert Dale Guthrie <rguthrie at pobox.com>
To: Chord <chord at worldforge.org>

Yeah, I've talked with malkin via the server mailing list ( email was
delayed by 2 days), and have talked with several people in irc.  It has
been suggested to me that I look at implementing a database module in
stage, so I guess that would constitute being recognized...

I am not planning of modifying any existing code until I've gotten a stamp
of approval on my code by malkin and others.

People (irc nicks) I can remember talking to on this.... (see this irc log
for details if you want:

phal, james, speedbump, nikal

That was my first conversation on the matter, and later I've been steered
towards making a new module for PostgreSQL, since it won't modify any
existino code to implement.

Anyway, whatever you guys think is best.


On Thursday 04 October 2001 07:16 pm, you wrote:
> Hey Dale,
> Have you spoken with anyone involved with STAGE
> about everything yet? If so, that's cool and there's no
> problem getting an account. We do prefer to give
> write permission accounts out when ppl wishing to
> contribute to an area are at least recognized by the
> other developers. Many ppl want accounts right away
> when read only accounts will suffice.
> Let me know and we can get you set up.
> 	- Chord

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