[WF-Infra] Apache on victor broken

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Sat Oct 6 22:58:00 PDT 2001

Ok, once again I'll expose the fact that I am new at all of this, but here

I've been a SysAdmin for 10 years now... I have a fair amount of experience
with Apache, Mod-Perl, Perl, Perl DBI w/associated DBD's... (Linux, SunOS,
Solaris, HPUX, Windows)... I'd be happy to fix this...

Is there a specific team of System Admins, or can someone give me a shell
account on this "victor" system and I'll get it up and running again?

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey
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Apache is not active on victor right now.

One problem I notice is that the /etc/rc.httpd script has a bad path.
It points to /var/lib/apache/sbin/apachectl yet the apachectl file is in
/var/lib/apache/bin/apachectl.  Also, apache requires DBI.pm, and perl
cannot seem to find this in its search path, and apache must be trying
to preload something that requires DBI.pm.

Also, I would *really* appreciate it if victor got emacs installed onto
it.  :-)


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