[WF-Infra] Status on Web Migration.

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Sat Oct 6 23:46:21 PDT 2001

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Michael Miyabara-McCaskey wrote:
> Bryce,
> I've been attempting to find something useful to do, for a while now (about
> 1 month now)... All I end up accomplishing is posting a lot of "Uhh is
> anyone here" type of stuff to the INFRA channel on IRC...

Okay, well stick with me and I can certainly keep you busy.  :-)

> As for the question, I'm very good at doing HTML layout from a site level,
> and documentation in general... Although I do not know what the "Eidetic"
> team is... Sure!

There's currently about half a dozen of us working on Eidetic.  I'm the
principle coder and coordinator and am able to handle probably at least
another half dozen at the least.  

The objective for Eidetic is twofold:  To provide the dynamic web /
database needs for WorldForge, and to help build the underlying database
foundation for STAGE, the worldforge game server.

> Although, to be honest, I'm looking to get some better organization, so I
> can actually contribute.  I have a full time job, an off hours consulting
> company, and a family of five... I do try and devote an hour or 2 per
> weekday to Worldforge... but I can never find anyone on IRC when I'm on that
> can give me any direction.

Okay.  As a purty busy guy myself, you might have trouble finding me on
IRC, but I try to be on about 8 hrs / day.

> How are any status notifications going out now?  Should I be reading the
> newsgroups?  

I would strongly recommend subscribing to general@ and announce@ as a
minimum.  Traffic load is low enough (unfortunately) that you have no
worry about overloading your mailbox.  I do not use newsgroups but am to
understand that it is a degree less reliable than the mailing lists.

> I tried searching the email, but the search engine was down...

It has been down for a long while, and evidently another area where
sysadmin assistance is desperately required.

> I tried looking at the new web site, but it's not easy to navigate through,
> and it's very difficult to find out status of anything.

Urk...  well that's bad that the new website is difficult to navigate
through, since one of the _principle_ requirements and objectives for
the new website was to IMPROVE the navigatability of the old site.  I
think we could make use of your opinions and thoughts on navigation as
we develop Eidetic, so that maybe we can allieviate these concerns.

> I'm not trying to bitch, but I find it annoying that I've been trying to
> devote time, and I can never accomplish actually contributing.

*Nod* well it is a legitimate concern.  Half of the problem is that we
lack sufficient coordinators to get you to find a place to apply your

Supporting Eidetic is my paid career through the Open Source Development
Lab, as well as being my current primary focus here at WorldForge.  And
it has a great deal of potential not only here at WorldForge but also
with the Linux Kernel community (who will be using it for managing their
automated testing programs).  So whatever lack of direction you're
feeling currently shall be alleviated if you join me on Eidetic

The main objective with Eidetic right now is to set up a simple meeting
management system, using the calendaring system coded by Jakub.  Nearly
all of the code has been written for this - the current obstacle is just
finding a machine with perl/apache/mysql properly set up for running
Eidetic, that will allow us to get this application set up and working
for WorldForge.  Once the meeting tool is set up and dependable, you can
expect to see a number of database systems - including all of the hard
work Bear has been doing with the Circe databse tables - up and running
for use by Zzorn and others to fill in Dural data for Mason and other

Your one or two hours per workday can be put to *much* use here, and I 
am very good at giving direction (ask anyone, and they'll affirm this
truth) so let's try to get into contact, so that you can spend your
limited time most productively.  


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