[WF-Infra] Status on Web Migration.

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Oct 7 13:53:31 PDT 2001

> I've been attempting to find something useful to do, for a while now (about
> 1 month now)... All I end up accomplishing is posting a lot of "Uhh is
> anyone here" type of stuff to the INFRA channel on IRC...

Maybe ask to the mailing list ? You'll get an answer most of the time
(and contact some people personnally; that's the most efficient way
imho). As for irc, you'd better ask in Lounge as it seems (everyone is
in lounge at least).
> As for the question, I'm very good at doing HTML layout from a site level,
> and documentation in general... Although I do not know what the "Eidetic"
> team is... Sure!

Imho what is needed right now is a better organization of the website's
layout. It should be simplier : top categories on the top of the page
that do not change for the whole site (in place of "Quick Links"), sub
categories on the left, represented like that :

[TopCat 1] [TopCat 2] [TopCat 3] [TopCat 4] [TopCat 5] [TopCat 6] 

SubCat 1
  SubsubCat1        <content here>
SubCat 2
SubCat 3

Then we would have three levels in the website, which is a maximum in
the usability point of view. 

---> www.Worldforge.org/TopCat1/SubCat1/SubSubCat1/ParticularPage

I'll soon post a layout idea, let's hope it will help a bit ;-)

Current state of the website can be seen at :

It's just a zope tree representing the whole site

But you can simply go to the management screens
http://moria.mit.edu:8080/wf/manage, and browse the site. You'll get a
good idea on how it works.

IOW That's not because we have a complex project we _need_ a complex
website ;-)

> Although, to be honest, I'm looking to get some better organization, so I
> can actually contribute.  I have a full time job, an off hours consulting
> company, and a family of five... I do try and devote an hour or 2 per
> weekday to Worldforge... but I can never find anyone on IRC when I'm on that
> can give me any direction.

If I were you, I'd learn some parts of zope (the system used for the new
website on moria.mit.edu:8080/wf), look at the existing website and see
how it can be improved. With zope you can work in "versions" so you can
do what you want without destroying the current website. When you are
sure your changes are good, you commit them and the site is updated.

The site in itself is well organized I guess, but the current layout is
not really user friendly imho.

For example, it would be a nice idea to create a readme.txt file in each
section that would explain what it is, and display this at a fixed part
on each page. And so on...

> How are any status notifications going out now?  Should I be reading the
> newsgroups?  I tried searching the email, but the search engine was down...
> I tried looking at the new web site, but it's not easy to navigate through,
> and it's very difficult to find out status of anything.

It seems there are no real standards for those kind of things on the new
website. What would be cool is to have some "special" folders presents
in most places, such as :


We could add folders in each section, and a very simple dtml-script
would display the last five items in each folder, with a link to the
rest of the list.

For example, adding a news for the general worldforge site would be done
by adding a document to the /wf/news/ folder

And then on the wf home page, we could add somewhere <dtml-var shownews>
for example. This would work in subfolders as well, without any
additional work. If a news folder is present in the current folder, than
the news for this folder is displayed, else, it's the news folder of the
parent folder and so on. So each page would have news, todo, and status.

I can add this behavior. It's like this (a simple one) on the media
repository home page : http://moria.mit.edu:8080/media. The two latest
news are shown on the homepage, with a link to the rest of the news.
This could be improved for the main site (for example only showing a
summary, and a link to the full news item).

> I'm not trying to bitch, but I find it annoying that I've been trying to
> devote time, and I can never accomplish actually contributing.

This may take some time, I'm a newbie myself, but it's really, really


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