[WF-Infra] Web site layout / some ideas

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Oct 7 15:14:50 PDT 2001


1. Layout

Maybe it's just me, but I think that the current layout of the
worldforge website is too complicated.

That's why I created a new layout, and I'm asking if it seems easier for

The new layout is at : 

Note that some rules/ideas guided me :

- The same layout for every page
- Some kind of limit on the number of levels (else it's too hard to

- There is room for a last level of navigation, but this should/could be
- There is room for other goodies such as a site map link, copyright
- This design is easy to do using tables and css
- There is a clue in the left navbar that tells you where you are (the
little blue circle), and where you can go.
- There is also a breadcrumb (how deep in the hierarchy am I ?)

Note that the left navigation bar would changes itself when you go to
another subsection.

Note also that it could be easy to have different color themes for each
top section. For example blue for project, green for games, red for
developement, gray for downloads...

It's not the most original design, but imho it could be a good starting
point to rework the current design of the site.

That's for the layout part.

2. News / Todo / Status

As seen with recents posts of Michael Miyabara, it's hard to see what's
going on at Worldforge. Even after a few months, I have myself no real
ideas of the status of each project.

This could be improved with a closer link between the website and the
projects. Zope makes this quite easy imho.

The idea :

In each important folder, we add some subfolders :


Each item in those folders is a document (which is equivalent to a
database field in an rdbms). For example, each news, each status report,
each thing todo is a document.

Then, in the root folder, we define a method (show_news), that gives a
link to the last 5 news for example.

And then on the final page, we'll call those methods that shows the
latest news for the current section. With zope acquisition, we'll have
the news on every page, and if specific news for the current section is
available, it is shown (else you get more generic news form the parrent

The same goes for todo and status.

The layout reflects this system.

What do you think about all of this ? I hope I didn't upset anyone,
because this may seems too undertaking: I hope it is'nt, and your
comments are warmly welcome !


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