[WF-Infra] Website Help

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Wed Oct 10 09:58:38 PDT 2001

> I'm interested with helping out with the WorldForge website.  I'm in
> college right now for Software Engineering, and although I can't offer
> alot of programming help to the Open Source community, I am good at html
> and some basic Java.  I know very extensive html coding, and I have won
> a couple of school awards for my writing (in High School)..  As well, I
> have a few poems published in books, so i guess you could call me an
> established author.
> I hope I can help you in the future,

I'm sure you can help ;-)

As for the website, we are trying to do a new template (because the site
is dynamic, there only need for on or two html templates).

I tried to find what are the problems with the current "new web site"
(http://moria.mit.edu:8080/wf), and here is a simple layout that could
be used :


If you can build something like this in html (with dummy content), and
if it is really crossbrowser (we can't afford to loose people just
because they don't have the most recent browser ;-) ), it would be
really helpfull.

And of course if you have others ideas, put them in it as well ;-)

When/if you have something, contact me, and we'll try to put it on the
new website (there is test folder in /wf/project/new).

Keep in touch !


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