[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] More Introductions

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Thu Oct 11 09:12:14 PDT 2001

On 11 Oct 2001, Marcus Ilgner wrote:

> I'm new to WF, too, and my newbie-eyes say: good. Yes, it's really good.
> No questions left, on my side, so the content is 110%. The only thing is
> that there's so much text and no pictures. Placing pictures in the text
> catches the readers attention and makes him read the text in order to
> understands what's seen in the pic. Maybe some screenshots from Acorn
> would be nice or some other artwork related.

This is a very good idea!  Thanks!  As we get more screenshots of clients
and games I'll include them in the newbie guide.

> Some pictures with subtitles would make the text more interesting and
> easier to read. In order to make the text easier to read (and that
> applies to the whole WF page, maybe this should be taken into account
> for the new layout) there should be two columns. Texts with a width of
> around 50 characters per line are easiest to read, wider texts only tire
> the readers eyes and concentration.

The more that I think about this two column approach the more I begin to
agree with him.  Is this something that zope could automagically do for us
easily.  If its not built into Zope something like this should be trivial
to write in Python.  What does everyone else think about a two column

-Jason <Pato>

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