[WF-Infra] Website Help

Ian Monroe eean at mlug.missouri.edu
Sat Oct 13 21:55:13 PDT 2001

If you build your page to conform to W3C (like XHTML 1.0 or HTML
4) standards, then they generally work fairly well on all browsers in my
experience. CSS is not always going to work like you intended on some
older browsers, but that is OK because everything will still be usable and
not just as pretty.

JavaScript should be avoided, unless it is doing something very useful 
and not very complicated.


On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Philippe Jadin wrote:

> > I thought we were going to stick with established standards.  I don't believe that we should support browsers that are too retarded to follow them.
> Is netscape 4.xx too retarded ? It's a real pain to do something that
> work in it.
> Still imho it's important to support netscape 4. If you do something
> standard compliant with css for instance, it most probably won't work in
> netscape.
> Note that it's only a single template file that can be changed whenever
> we want.
> I'll stick with simple tables and css where needed. I target html 4
> transitional, because it's the most compatible for now.
> Any comment ?
> Philippe

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