[WF-Infra] Re: [WF-General] Web site layout / some ideas

Philippe Jadin philippe at 123piano.com
Sun Oct 14 17:33:06 PDT 2001

> Looks good.
> We need a wide but low logo for WF.  Or we could use the old one,
> and move the Project, Games, etc

I'd like to use the old one, and simplify it somewhat (maybe there are
already simplified versions around). Using a small number of colors for
example (flat fills). Imho a logo is not photographic, it involves 2-3
colors. It is totally possible to rework the current one to have few
colors, use it in the top banner, and have the big, full colorized
version on the site's frontpage.
> The Edit Area and Edit Page links are well placed.
> I like the status in the left menu.  It should however include the date of
> the last update.
> Is it supposed to be a change message about what was updated, or some sort
> of todo/task list
> for that page?  
> Or just what status the page is in after the last update,
> where each update is on its own row?
> If the latter, then the update date should be shown too.  Preferably in a
> "12 days ago" format instead of "2001-09-27".
> Although the latter is ok if the former is too computationally heavy.

I basically see 3 kind of items :

- todo's : handled by RT (connection to zope is probably easy)

- status : current status of this part of the project (for example,
stable linux client released, working 3d engine, usable human 3d
meshes...) *or* status of the _content_ of the current page ("this page
needs rework", "Phil's english is unacceptable"...) *or* both ?

- news : what happened recently here ?

Status and news can be handled the same way in zope (a folder per
project containing news/status item).

As for Request tracker connection, I just need a database
connection/user in zope, then some simple sql will most probably do the

> * The WorldForge logo

We keep the current one of course ;-)
> <snip> agreed

> * Link to a screenshot page, with screenshots from the different clients
> and games,
> and also from the servers (even if that is just some text on a console).

On a lot of games site, there is a "latest screenshot" integrated in the
page : it's a nice feature I'd like to add too. (cfr
> * A link the FAQ, when we get it working.

Is there a project for this ? Else there are at least two zope products
that do faqs :


Flex seems er... more flexible.
> * A list of the 3-5 next upcoming events or meetings, when we get the event
> scheduler to work.
> (could show a few past meetings too, with meeting logs and summaries).
> * A _more events_ link that leads to the events page (below the events)


Agreed for all

> So we would typically have WebsiteArea->Product->ProductPart->Document
> The ProductPart level is not needed for small tools or similar things.

So, what do you recommend for the navigation bars ?

My idea is to allways display the current category / page and it's
childs, and also it's parents.

like :

* current_item (doc)

if current item is a folder, then :

* current_item (folder)

> It should of course be possible to have deeper hierarchies too, if needed,
> even if it isn't recommended.

With the system above, we could have any number of levels (sometimes it
would be needed to use the breadcrumb). We allways see the _context_ of
the current page. So the nav bar is not allways the same : will it be
consistent ?
> IMHO, one of the more confusing things about the current website is the
> division in a newbie/user level and a developer subdirectory.

Agreed, as a worldforge semi newbie, it took me quite a lot of time to
understand this
> So the new top level would be:
> - Project Info
> - Games
> - Downloads
> - Content
> - Engineering
> - Resources
> - Infrastructure

> It also requires minimal changes to the current website structure,
> which has received a lot of thought too, and seems to otherwise be ok.

If everyone agrees with that, we should do this soon. Any comments ?
> Hmm..  okay, I like colors, but let's be cautious here.
> The site should have a consistent theme, and color branding of the
> different areas
> is a good idea, but should be subtle.  For example, changing the color of
> the left navbar.
> The links to the different areas at the top should each have as background
> the color used for that area.

Good idea. I think we can obtain site wide consitency using the form
(the look and feel of the site) and the logo, and we could do the per
section branding with colors. In the stylesheet, I'd define 3 colors : a
light dominant color, a dark dominant color, and a third medium color
(may be gray). We could play with those 3 colors in each section. A dark
red and a medium/light red, etc ...

> Here's my subjective suggestion for colors:
> ( The color psychology quotes were taken from:
> http://psychology.about.com/library/weekly/aa031501a.htm )
> Some dark, low-saturated colors should be used, with occasional highlights
> of brighter, medium-saturated colors.

<snip really interesting color definition>

> Oh no!  I did it again.  Ask me to color a series of items, and you will
> get a rainbow.. :-]

It's really a good idea, and it's good to have a "why we use those
colors" thinking instead of using a random color for each section.
> >In each important folder, we add some subfolders :
> >
> >/news
> >/todo
> >/status
> It seems to me that /todo is the same as tasks, and these are much more
> practical
> to handle through Request Tracker.

Agreed, I had the idea before RT was a reality ;-)
> Some way to integrate request tracker entries in a zope page would be great,
> then each product (game effort, or client, or serever, etc), could have a
> page with
> request tracker entries relevant for that project.

It must be possible (if not easy) : I'd like to have access to the RT
database, anyone can gives me that ? 

- it would be nice to have a "read only" db user (maybe without access
to user info), 
- the appropriate sql connector installed on zope (either mysql or
- some explanations on how the items are sorted in RT (keyword? topics?)

Then it would be possible to create an adaptive sql query in zope that
would foolow the context of the page being displayed. (As Kosh said, we
need to implement a timeout on this connection, in case of DB failure)

Who can create a DB user? 
> News too, could be automated in some way..

This will be added pretty soon I think (either with an external db,
either using a dedicated zope folder in each section)
> Hmm..  Well, it might be nice to be able to browse past news, for example,
> or view all news in the whole project, not just the ones on the front page.

This is what I meant. For example it's something like that in the media
repository : you have a link to _more news_, that shows all the news so
far. I can add batching if needed (10 news displayed per page or
something like that)
> Sorry for being slow to respond; I'm a bit zombified during the week after
> work. :-)

Thank you for your detailed analysis of the problems !


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