[WF-Infra] NEEDED: Database backup script

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 15 14:19:27 PDT 2001

Victor is relied on as the machine that serves RT, Eidetic, and maybe
a few more things in the future.  Obviously, backup is important.

This does not mean on-site backup, but distributed backup to allow us
to quickly recover if, for example, victor's internet connection 
disappeared entirely.

There's three parts to this request.

I.  The script should call the dump routines for any databases on victor
that we want to back up, and tarball the files, and put them into a
place on the server from which other people can download them.  This
should not include any user tables, nor any information about passwords
of any sort.

II.  The script should call the dump routines for the user tables and
other password info, and tarball that too.  The tarball should also be
encrypted and put in an authenticated area of the website.

III.  Finally, a little shell script should be written which
automatically downloads the data from I and II (if the user has
permission).  It should be set up such that it can easily be cronned.
The author should then recruit a dozen or so volunteers to conduct
downloading, and set up the script on several other worldforge machines
(moria, etc.)

I posted the above to Request Tracker as item #75.  Drop me a line if
you need more info.  Go ahead and sign up at
victor.worldforge.org:8080/rt/ if you're interested in tackling this

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