[WF-Infra] Web Migration: OLD irc logs and meeting notes.

Michael Miyabara-McCaskey mykarz at miyabara.com
Thu Oct 18 13:31:08 PDT 2001


As some of you know, I'm doing my best at getting our content moved over
to the new moria.mit.edu:8080/wf site...

And I've now come to meeting logs, and summaries that are nearly 2 years
out of date... To my knowledge all this type of interaction for meetings
is now being held in IRC, and "brenda" creates logs.

So... Are any of these 4000-6000 line IRC logs useful when they
characterize meetings that went on as new as 04-28-00 to as old as 
11-27-99?  My assumption is they are not useful, and the summaries, appear
to generally be nothing more than templates that would one day be filled



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