[WF-Infra] New Infra Coordinator

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Fri Oct 19 18:45:17 PDT 2001

Hi all,

As activity picks up here at WorldForge, I figured it's high time we
recruited a new infra coordinator.  Infra activity has been growing
steadily over the last month, and it is important to have a person to
help us achieve the goals in an orderly and peaceful manner.  

Many of you have already met and worked with MyKarz, and will be happy
to hear that he is the person I am backing for this position.  He has
extensive background in relevant areas, including 8 years doing sysadmin
for windows, sun, linux,  including DNS, Samba, Apache, OpenSSL, SMTP,
DHCP, et al. and has done project administration for the last five
years.  So he's got exactly the background we would wish for in an infra
coordinator.  Plus, even mroe importantly - he wants the job and is
looking forward to helping get us on track.

He has two "flaws" though - first, he's not worked on open source projects
before, and second, he's only been with our project for a short time.
Fortunately, both of these will correct themselves naturally!  :-)

So I'd ask everyone to say hi, and help him out coming up to speed both
with WorldForge and with open source development in general.  We all
know that open source development has some distinct differences from
traditional development, and of course also that WorldForge has a unique
sort of culture all its own.  

I'd like to as MyKarz to set up an infra meeting within the next week or
two, and I'd appreciate it if anyone who has an interest in working on
WorldForge hardware and services to come by and introduce yourself.


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